My Life and Music

My love of music goes back to when I was barely 4 years old, living in Valdosta, Georgia. My father would play music that he had recorded from records on a Sony reel-to-reel. Over the next couple of years, now in Colorado, I remember seeing the film American Graffiti with him, and him bringing the soundtrack double-LP home.  My early years were filled with Beach Boys cassettes, Best of compilations, and oldies radio.

In 1982 I 'discovered' the Rolling Stones. I picked up a guitar and started trying to write music when I was 15.  For almost ten years, growing up in Littleton, Colorado and through attending and graduating from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a BA in physics, I performed and recorded with my band, Altamont (a different group, of course, from the metal group of the same name that formed in the middle 1990s). Somewhere there in the last couple of years of school, and increasingly after I had graduated, I learned more and more about and grew ever fonder of the music of The Boss, Bruce Springsteen.

After more than two decades of working in my professional career in the petroleum geophysical, commercial geospatial software and remote sensing industries, I began to realize how unfulfilled I was in the way that my artistic musical "career" had ended. Somewhere along the way, I had lost even the passion for music that had made me a musician in the first place.  A complex series of events and circumstances led me to, in 2012, return to my first

I had long thought that I'd written my last song long ago. But it turns out, I've still got a few left in me. I'm hoping that you'll join me in the party. And turn the music up.